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Profoto D1 500w Monolight
XL 65” Profoto Umbrella & 1.5 Diffuser
(3) 600W Dimmable LED Lights, Barn Doors, and Gels
3x4 Profoto RFi Softbox
3x4 Profoto 50 Degree Grid
20.5 White Softlight Beauty Dish
10.5' Matthews C+ Stands
8’ Light Stands & 7’ Light Stands
Camera & Video Tripods
(2) 400w Elinchrom D-Lite RX4 Strobes
Elinchrom 66cm Softbox & 56cm Octabox
Flash Triggers/Receivers & Sync Cables
Triple Chain Manfrotto Backdrop System
9’ Basic Color Backdrops (Black, White, Grey)
Tethering Tools, Apple Boxes, Spring Clamps, Sand Bags
(2) 3/4” Thick 8’ V-Flats (White/Black)
Ladder, Reflector, Leaf Blower

Camera & Lenses for rent

*Call/Email for full list of equipment