Are you a Profoto fan? We are! / by Devon Spence

Get to know your gear and ours. Two of our favorite Profoto tools are the D1 500 Strobe and the B2s Flash Kit. The D1 500 Monolight is large and in charge pushing 500 watts of strobe power to your images. You might not need it with all the natural light available at Kuja Studios, but rest assured we got you covered with all your lighting needs along with a remote flash trigger in case you need it. Draw the shades down and dial up the strobe for your model and light up your next photo.

D1 500 Profoto Monolight Kuja Studios Photography Los Angeles.jpg

D1 500

Profoto Flash

Perhaps you are interested in something a little more portable or want just an added touch of light to get those highlights you want. Use one or two of the B2s to give you that added depth and glow to your professional photos. With the available sync cable extension and our heavy duty C-Stands, you have the freedom to place it just where you want it. You can get even more creative with cine-foil or any other idea you may have with these small, but mighty 250 watt light sources. Of course we have soft boxes, grids, and umbrellas too to accompany these toys. Set each light to your own desired power with one portable battery pack. Double the light. Double the fun.

Kuja Studios B2 Profoto Strobe Equipment Kit.jpg


Profoto Strobe Kit

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