Starting a photography business? Did you know... / by Devon Spence



The photography business  is a crowded market filled with amateurs and beginners shooting whatever strikes their mood. To stand out one must chose an area of specialization. Pick an area that genuinely interests you e.g wedding photography, fashion, portrait, etc. and you will enjoy every minute of your work. In the beginning you will need to take on various jobs to keep the biz afloat, however once you specialize and are known for your expertise, it will be reflected in your prices. 



If you don't know now you know. Investing in professional equipment can make all the difference in a shoot. Start off with good quality affordable products then as you get more clients invest in the PRO equipment in order to compete with the big boys. We recommend purchasing a basic HD camera & lens, a computer with strong RAM for editing, software such as Photoshop and lighting gear.  




Protection is key. Whats the sense of building this hugely successful photography company if the big bad wolf can just come and  blow it down at any moment? Build a BRICK foundation and you're sure to be in the game for a while. Research and price match insurance companies and plans to protect you and your clients. Choose what type of company you will have (corporation, partnership, LLC etc) This will vary based on your needs however an Limited Liability Company (LLC) is our favorite option because of its extra security.                                                           


Your photography portfolio is like your resume. You wouldn't show up to a job interview without it right? An outstanding portfolio will convince clients that you posses the skills & expertise to do the job. Make sure you get superb quality prints & paper as well as a professional presentation folder.  





Last and definitely not least, is MARKETING! People have to know your business exists if they are going to spend money with you. How do you do this? First things first, digital. Online/internet marketing will make up majority of your focus in the beginning. Build a strong SEO (search engine optimization) system to ensure you business shows up in the first page of google search results. This can be an unfamiliar and frustrating task for newbies so investing in a monthly  SEO/ Marketing expert is a sure  fire way to go.  Think social media! Instagram was designed for photographers, USE IT! Its a free, highly effective marketing tool to promote your services.